About us

Dr. Tilo Haustein
We are an expert office specialising in building damage issues. Our focus is on the building material wood, which is the most important building material for moisture- and mould_fungus_problem as well as wood damage and wood protection. Another focus of activities consists of teaching and research. Our office is active Germany-wide.

Dr.-Ing. Tilo Haustein
publicly appointed and sworn expert for
- Structural and chemical wood preservation (CIC Dresden)
- Damage to buildings (Chamber of Engineers Saxony)

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Our fields of expertise

We prepare wood expertises for courts, authorities, architectural offices, property management companies, insurance companies and banks, property developers as well as private individuals on the following topics:

Teaching and publications

A part of our expert activity is also the cooperation in research projects. Here we are particularly active in the field of wood protection. Research activities were carried out at the following institutes and universities and continue to exist.
We have worked with several universities and educational institutions for many years as a lecturer and contract teacher. International cooperation is important to us. An in-depth professional exchange, which also includes lectures, exists at the University of Sopron (Hungary).

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