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Our fields of expertise - Expert office Haustein

Damage to buildings

The subject area covers the entire field of structural damage to buildings. An analysis of damage that has occurred, the evaluation of defects, the allocation of responsibilities and the determination of causes of damage are carried out.

Wet walls, damp cellars and mould infestation as a result of water damage caused by pipe bursts, leaks or incorrect heating and ventilation behaviour can quickly lead to substance-destroying and health-problematic damage to building components and real estate. In order to avoid progressive spread and costly consequential damage, we experts determine the cause(s) of the damage and give recommendations for professional removal.

  • Determination of the causes of mould fungus damage
  • Clarification of fogging and odour pollution
  • Investigation of waterproofing defects in buildings
  • Preparation of expert opinions on roof and facade damage
  • Determination of causes of wet and damp damage, water damage
  • Findings on crack formation
Determination of the causes of mould fungus damage

Wood and structural protection

The subject area is characterized in particular by damages at timber construction units, the mold infestation and structural-physical circumstances. Both the old and the new building are subject of wood and building protection-technical questions.

Buildings are permanently protected or preserved by optimal wood and building protection. Planning and execution in accordance with building protection regulations as well as the appropriate use and maintenance of buildings are the decisive prerequisites for the quality and durability of buildings and structures.

  • Preparation of wood preservation reports
  • Determination of fungi and insect pests
  • Checking for chemical wood preservation on new and old wood
  • Special process (e.g. hot air against dry rot)
  • Monitoring of harmful organisms, trapping systems and diagnostics
  • Analysis of wood damage
Preparation of wood preservation reports

Building substance analysis

The investigation of building substance is an important cornerstone in the renovation and modernisation of buildings. One focus is the moisture and salt analysis of masonry.

The results of the structural analysis help to plan the demolition or renovation. Only by expert examination of the building substance in advance can the risk of unpleasant financial surprises during dismantling be minimised.

  • Investigation of the condition of masonry structures
  • Moisture and salt analyses
  • Coatings on wood
  • Analysis of the condition of timber in old buildings and in the preservation of historical monuments
  • The material wood (e.g. flooring, windows, doors)
  • Endoscopic and apparative examinations
Investigation of the condition of masonry structures

Preservation of evidence

The task of preserving evidence is to determine the actual state of constructional facilities and open spaces that may be affected by the effects of a construction project. The main aim of the preservation of evidence is to create legal certainty for the parties involved in the construction and third parties and to avoid disputes and damage to the image.

Preservation of evidence reports serve to prepare legal disputes, to avoid unfounded recourse claims in the aftermath of construction projects and to document construction defects before the end of the warranty period.

independent evidence-protection procedure


In addition to the investigation of wood damage and the preparation of expert opinions, we also advise companies and private individuals on the quality of services and construction projects Germany-wide. We ensure that the service is free of defects: on the one hand we accompany special procedures, on the other hand we offer an inspection before the expiry of the warranty period in order to find possible warranty defects. A consultation can protect you from nasty surprises!

The expert fee is rather low compared to the total value of the performance and will therefore certainly pay off.

  • acquisition consultations
  • Inspection before expiry of the warranty period
  • Determination of warranty defects
  • Advice to owner associations
  • Evaluation of quality deviations
  • Assessment according to the generally recognised rules of construction technology
acquisition consultations

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