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Saxonian Wood Protection Association

The origin of the Saxonian Wood Protection Association

The Saxonian Wood Protection Association emerged from the former working group wood and building protection of the Chamber of Technology. The task of this group was to state-approved specialists and experts for wood_protection to train them on a regular basis. The approvals were only updated with proven further training. This "quality assurance system" was to be implemented under the conditions of the market economy. After the foundation of the association by some active members of the working group like Gottfried Schmucker, Harry Haustein, Erich Künzelmann and others in the autumn of 1991, the official founding meeting of the "Saxonian Association of the approved wood protection specialists and experts".

The majority of approved wood preservation specialists and experts joined the association and from the very beginning it developed into an active professional association, which informed and informed its members about current aspects of wood preservation by means of further training, conferences, seminars and, depending on the circumstances, also with written information.

The training was also very intensive right from the start. Initially, the specialist training was continued. Immediately with the founding of the training advisory board "expert for combating wood preservation" (now "expert for wood preservation in construction") the federation acquired the permission for the execution of this training in the year 1995.

Thanks to this training, the number of members had meanwhile increased to over 250. Not only wood preservation experts and experts but also executors and experts had become members. In this respect, it was logical that the name of the association was simplified in March 2000 to Saxonian Wood Protection Association.

The regional understanding of the association has also expanded: Not only members from Saxony belong to the association, but also colleagues from all over Germany (from Hamburg to Munich), but above all from Thuringia and even colleagues from South Tyrol and Hungary have recognized the advantages of an active professional association.

However, nothing has changed with regard to the objectives of the statutes since their foundation.

source: https://www.holzschutz-sachsen.de/

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