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Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC Dresden)

CIC - Three letters that almost everyone has heard before. They stand for the network of 79 chambers of industry and commerce. The CICs are institutions of the economy for the economy and at home in the regions. They are anchored here and know what moves the economy. Together with their member companies, they assume responsibility in their regions and contribute to improving the conditions for prosperity and growth.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CIC), with around 96,000 member companies from industry, trade, services, transport, construction, hotels and gastronomy, is the largest lobby of the regional economy in the Dresden administrative district.

On the basis of the social market economy, the sustainable promotion of the regional economy is the most important objective of the CIC's work. The spectrum of fields of activity is broad and ranges from advising public administration and legislative bodies to expert opinions for courts, from responsibility for commercial and industrial vocational training and further training to individual company support.

As a self-governing body of the economy, the CIC offers its members a comprehensive range of services. The expert knowledge of the full-time employees as well as the experience of the honorary Wirtschaftspraktiker are equally available to all CIC members.

The CIC Dresden is a lobbyist and opinion leader in all economic and politico-economic issues in the Dresden or, in coordination with the CICS in Chemnitz and Leipzig, also in the Free State of Saxony as a state working group of the Saxon CICS. At the federal level it cooperates with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, in whose committees it represents the interests of the regional economy. federal level. Internationally, the CIC has access to the worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad and foreign chambers.

Service provider for the economy

The CICs promote the local commercial economy and support it with a wide range of consulting services and tailor-made services. They accompany company founders, provide information on legal or tax issues and advise on expansion into international markets. At the same time the CICs have trends and new topics in view.

Fulfilment of state tasks - in the service of enterprises

As public corporations, the CICs perform more than 50 tasks entrusted to them by the state on their own responsibility and independently. One of the best-known is their commitment to and support of the dual vocational training system with which young people have been starting their careers for generations.

Democratically legitimized representation of interests

However, CICs are more than a service provider. Their proximity to the regional economy makes them a sought-after contact for politics and administration. the diverse interests of its members and ensure fair consideration of the interests of different industries and companies. The CICs are membership-based and democratically built: The most important organ is the General Assembly. When it comes to elections, every company - regardless of its size - has the following rights a voice. As the mouthpiece of their companies, the CICs actively participate in shaping the economic and social framework conditions.

Principle of life Personal responsibility

The actions of the CICs are based on the self-image as an independent organisation. The idea behind this is that business can handle many matters itself, which it concerns, in a practical and unbureaucratic manner - and thus also relieve the burden on the state. The CICs also bring entrepreneurial action closer to people. Mission for their actions is and remains the Honourable Merchant. All commercial enterprises in Germany - with the exception of craft enterprises, liberal professions and agricultural enterprises - are members of a chamber of industry and commerce.
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