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Federal Association of publicly appointed and sworn experts (BVS)

As the nationwide association with the most members publicly appointed and sworn expert already about 3,000 experts belong to our umbrella association. Organized in 12 state and 11 trade associations, we offer a strong network. On over 250 special fields our experts are active. Thereby we high quality and professional know-how. They meet the highest standards in the expert field:
In principle, our members are publicly appointed and sworn in, otherwise sovereign by government agencies or institutions authorized by law. or certified and committed to our mission statement.

The mission statement defines the role of the BVS expert in society. Professionalism at the highest level, extraordinary demands on personal qualities and a clear demarcation on the market, among other things through public appointment and swearing in - these are clear signals and good prerequisites with which BVS and its members are optimally equipped for the future.

The BVS mission statement

The Federal Association of Publicly Appointed and Sworn and Qualified Experts e.V. (BVS) has developed a mission statement which is binding for the association and its members. With this mission statement, BVS follows the suggestion of the EU Services Directive (2006/123/EC), which calls for codes of conduct to be drawn up for individual occupational groups.

The BVS mission statement serves to consistently ensure the highest quality in the professional practice of BVS experts and effective consumer protection.

The central objective of the BVS mission statement is to actively ensure the necessary trust on the part of state institutions, the judiciary, politics, public and private clients and the general public for the publicly appointed and sworn and equally qualified experts.

With this mission statement, the BVS members commit themselves to adhering to the highest professional quality standards and to ethical guidelines in their professional practice.

The BVS and its function in the expert system

The BVS is a self-governing body of publicly appointed and sworn experts. Equally qualified experts experts can be admitted if they commit themselves to the BVS objectives.

BVS's external functions: The BVS ...

Functions of the BVS inwards:

The role of BVS experts in society

BVS experts are independent professionals committed to integrity. They have above-average qualifications in their respective fields. Expertise and sound practical experience. BVS experts present their specialized expert knowledge to society, The company is available to the authorities, the judiciary, politics as well as companies and private clients in a trusting and beneficial manner. BVS experts are of their capacity as experts and expert advisors with the clarification of complex facts. The BVS experts make available their clear knowledge advantage, which they have due to their training and practical experience. The clients trust the BVS experts and rely on their competence and professional ethics. The BVS experts, for their part, justify this trust by adhering to the highest professional standards and committing themselves to the ethical standards of the BVS.

Technical quality standards of BVS experts

BVS experts provide services at the highest level within the scope of their professional activities. In this way they secure the trust of their clients and the general public.

They shall comply with professional guidelines which comply with the Code of Practice for Experts of EUROEXPERT, the European umbrella organisation for experts, and with the standards defined by the appointing bodies and their umbrella organisations.

BVS experts, in particular publicly appointed and sworn experts, guarantee special quality standards in their professional practice. They have been audited both personally and professionally by appointed bodies.

Ethical standards of BVS experts

BVS experts are bound by special professional standards within the scope of their professional practice. They independently, impartially and autonomously assess the facts presented to them or ascertained by them. They commit themselves to secrecy and integrity. BVS experts refrain from all actions and statements that could damage the public perception of the profession of experts and their trustworthiness.

future prospects

More than ever, the highly specialised work of experts is needed to solve problems as a result of the increasing complexity within society. BVS is aware of its responsibility with regard to these challenges. The aim of the BVS is ... The overriding objective is to continue to successfully represent the current and future interests of BVS experts while taking central public interest concerns into account.
source: https://www.bvs-ev.de/home/

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